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LimbVolume Calculator Reprogramming

Integrating technology and lymphoedema treatment


If you lose the LimbVolume program, due to battery failure or accidental deletion, we offer a full reprogramming service that will restore the calculator to its original settings. Please return the calculator to our team, with a return address and contact details:

LimbVolume / Kinesio UK
Cobalt Business Exchange
Cobalt Park Way
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE28 9NZ

There is a fee for reprogramming and return postage.


If your calculator requires a main battery change, or you would like us to undertake a service, please return the calculator to our address above.

There is a fee for battery changes/servicing and return postage.

Please note that we cannot support re-programming on 7700G, 7700GH and 7700GBUS models. Reprogramming and Servicing can take 3-5 working days. If you require the calculator to be returned by a certain date, please contact the office.

Reprogramme and Service
Reprogramming £25.00
Service (inc battery) £20.00

(Prices exclude vat & return courier delivery)

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