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LimbVolume Calculator

LimbVolume Calculator V2.0 Formula

The LimbVolume Calculator V2.0 has improved LimbVolume measurement accuracy, and features a new volume formula.

Many systems use a cylinder based formula. However, clinical trials have proved this to be less than accurate and prone to data entry errors. The drawbacks are summarised as follows:

  1. The formula consistently ‘underestimates quantity of percentage excess volume’
  2. Many systems wrongly instruct users to enter the circumference of the ‘end sections’. This results in inaccurate figures

The LimbVolume V2.0 calculator uses, by default, a new truncated cone formula. This is is intrinsically more accurate than cylinder formulas, as most extremities are shaped like a cone rather than like a cylinder. The formula also uses the last circumference reading. This is intuitive and naturally follows measurement reading methods used by practitioners.

To assist users migrating from older systems, the calculator formula can be reverted back to cylinder or retro Limb V0.

LimbVolume Calculator
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LimbVolume Calculator